The custom-made gearmotor for you.

The gearmotor for your ideas

Have you ever found yourself having a project in your head, an idea to realize, and then you must spend days looking for the piece you need, but it seems that nobody produces it? By now, big industries are aiming for standardization and if your idea is out of the box you might find a lot of obstacles. That’s why we have decided to differentiate ourselves in our field by producing internally all the elements we need.
When you come to us, you just need to present your idea and the characteristics that you would like your gearmotor to have, and we will simply make your custom-made gearmotor.

Save your time

Since 1975 we have been manufacturing planetary gearmotors, gearunit and worm screws. We know that our customers come from many different areas, as well as there are many different uses for our planetary gearmotors. Our customers are used to contacting us saying: “I need this gearmotor”, “it must have these characteristics” and we just do what they ask us to.
For example, we had a customer who found himself with the model he was using out of production: it was not a problem for us to reproduce a custom-made gearmotor that would replace the one he needed. Other customers came to us with a motor to which they had to attach the gearunit, asking us to get the output speed they would need; we took care of their problems. Others used to contact us during the design phase to consult with us. Do you have any idea how much time you can save by talking directly with the manufacturer during the design phase?

In-house production

Having the entire production in-house is also an advantage for the reliability of the gearmotor itself. We have quality control over the entire production, from mould to assembly, and we are not subject to any production fluctuations from third party suppliers. Whether it is our standard or custom-made gearmotor, the quality is identical and guaranteed. Our customers have the same confidence in our products as we do. In fact, we have been chosen to move lights to the sky at Ground Zero, New York, a place that symbolizes the feelings of a nation and of the world.
Each gearmotor has its own specific function, it gives birth to your idea and our products are designed and manufactured to actualize it and make it last over time. That’s why we make you a custom made gearmotor.

Flexibility even during emergencies

When you manage everything internally it is easier to guarantee time and cope with the unexpected, thanks to the extreme flexibility that comes with it. For example, during the early stages of the COVID-19 emergency we found ourselves among the few gearmotor manufacturers in Italy which remained active, since our components did not depend on China; and we took care of deliveries ourselves, thus circumventing courier delays. By managing the whole process directly, it was possible to be dynamic and to adapt to events. In fact, our customers were able to work calmly until the government’s closing decree. This flexibility that distinguishes us is guaranteed to our customers not only in emergencies but also in the daily requests we receive.

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