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We have been building gearmotors for all types of applications since 1989.

The custom-made gearmotor for you.

Have you ever found yourself having a project in your head, an idea to realize, and then you must spend days looking for the piece you need, but it seems that nobody produces it? By now, big industries are aiming for standardization and if your idea is out of the box you might find a lot of obstacles. That’s why we have decided to differentiate ourselves in our field by producing internally all the elements we need.

The reliability of our gearmotors.

We know that our gearmotors could be subjected to stress and working conditions that push them to the limit. That’s why we supervise the entire production, which is completely in-house and ISO 9001 certified, so that you can always be certain of its origin. It is because of our professionalism that we have been chosen to work in iconic locations such as the 9/11 New York City Memorial, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Victory Column in Berlin, the Parliament in Budapest,…

Gearmotors in Milan since 1989.

Automec, today, is not only a company but it is the result of an adventure started in 1975 by Giovanni Maggi. He was first a self-employed craftsman, then he became the founder, in 1989, of our company. Since then 3 generations have followed one another in Automec. With us, you will not only have to deal with a gearmotor manufacturing industry, but with an experience, values, a school of thought that combines Italian talent with the typical industriousness of Milan.

The training of young people.

For years we have been collaborating with the Salesian school and with the Besta Institute in Milan, giving students a period of internship at our company. During the internship we not only teach them our work, but to stay in the world of work. We accustom them to follow precise schedules and rules, to dress and behave appropriately, in short we help them to be ready to take the road to work. This initiative also gives us the opportunity to confront the fresh ideas and enthusiasm of those who are entering the world of work for the first time.

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