The reliability of our gearmotors

Quality and control

One of the most important aspects in the choice of a mechanical component is certainly its reliability, especially if it is likely to wear out over time, or if it is likely to be subjected to mechanical and atmospheric stresses and strains of various kinds, as in the case of gearmotors. An unreliable component, in addition to making us spend money on maintenance, can undermine the very image of the product and the company we trust in. Even when we trust our suppliers, they will have their suppliers who have others and so on. In short, a long and articulated process creates a single gearmotor on which it is impossible to constantly keep an eye on: all it takes is a simple mistake to create problems or delays. We have also had to face this problem and the solution we have adopted over time has been to internalize the entire production of our gearmotors, so that we can oversee the entire production process, now certified ISO 9001:2015.

The certified warranty

Thanks to the recent adoption of the ISO: 9001:2015 quality standard, we are committed to meeting your expectations consistently and comprehensively, minimizing the risks of purchasing non-compliant products or services. In fact, ISO 9001:2015 certification means we are constantly meeting compliance requirements and improving our internal processes and production efficiency accordingly.

Italian reliability

We have always chosen to maintain production in Italy, both in times of greatest crisis, when companies “fled” Italy to find economic and fiscal benefits abroad, and in the most prosperous moments. Our priority is to be able to guarantee you high quality standards. Also, having the production process in Italy allows us to carry out the necessary controls during the production of our gearmotors and to test them personally. This strategic choice has also allowed us to maintain maximum flexibility and customization. In addition to Italian customers, we can also count on customers from all over the world who appreciate the value of “Made in Italy”, not only as a brand but as the result of ingenuity, dedication and passion within the work done.

Special installations

Another example of the importance of reliability is the work itself for which our gearmotors are chosen. It is a pride and an honour for us the fact that Automec gearmotors has been chosen to move the huge headlights that illuminate some of the symbolic places in the world’s major cities. To name a few, the Ground Zero in New York, the Victory Column in Berlin, the Parliament in Budapest, the Harbour Bridge in Sydney, … In addition, our gearmotors are used to working under the most difficult conditions, such as in industrial pizza ovens used in many pizzerias around the world. The same in-house production allows us to customize every single gearmotor so that it offers maximum performance and endurance in every situation.
If we have customers who have been with us for over 40 years and who have helped us grow and become what we are, it is also because of this reliability and availability towards you.

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