The training of young people

Istituto Salesiano Lombardia

Collaboration with the National Federation "CNOS-FAP"

For several years now we have been collaborating with the National Federation “CNOS-FAP” – National Centre for Salesian Works / Professional Updating Training. For this purpose, since 2015 we have activated the employment of young resources in our staff with the aim of stimulating the students of the CFP of the CNOS-FAP Federation to face up the world of work.

Each CNOS-FAP Professional Training Centre (CFP) of the CNOS-FAP Federation cultivates the relationship with the productive world of its territory by progressively putting in place procedures, the internship in particular, useful to link the training offer to the needs of the company. It also offers students a training based on skills.

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Collaboration with Technical Commercial Institute 'F. Besta' of Milan

Within the project ALTERNANZA SCUOLA/LAVORO (alternation school/job) of Technical Commercial Institute ‘F. Besta’ in Milan, we have been working together for years to welcome some students to do an internship.

Despite the professional commitment that all this requires, we are sure that this openness to the world of work is particularly important for young people. Also, this represents an opportunity for the companies that welcome them to confront the fresh ideas and enthusiasm of those who have just entered the world of work.

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