EP7090 VCA

Extra-strong planetary gearmotors


Larger diameter output shaft to support heavier loads.


Designed for torque transmission up to 60 Nm.

Long life

Constant high quality is guaranteed by fully internalised production.

No maintenance required

Lubricated for life with special long-life grease.

Single-phase or three-phase AC motor up to 0.37 kW. and voltages from 12 to 70 volts.


The gearmotor type EP7090 consist in mono or three phases a.c motors up to 0.37 kW – 12 to 170 volts, coupled with a planetary gearunit designed to drive output torque up to 60 Nm for continuous operation conditions. The standard version is manufactured with the same gearings used into the EP70 type, but with a larger diameter output shaft which allow to drive higher radial load and higher torque. Upon request we can supply different types of gearings allowing to drive torque up to 120 Nm while maintaining the same external size. Gear body is manufactured with self lubricating sintered steel, which offers the best mechanical characteristics together with a higher life expectation, and gears are manufactured, depending on the requested torque, with plastic materials, sintered steel or high resistance hardened steel. EP7090 gearmotor is supplied lifetime lubricated by means of special long life grease, and don’t require any further lubrication or servicing.

Made in Italy Automec
Automec CE certified

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