Where it is necessary to obtain high reduction ratios driving high torque, and it is needed to have the output shaft at 90° respect the input shaft, it is possible to couple one or more planetary reduction stages to a worm screw gearunit, obtaining the types VSF25EP65 and VSF35EP70. Those types of gearunits offer very high reduction ratios together with the best efficiency due to the output planetary reduction stage, allowing to drive high torque together with an extremely compact size. Due to the specific design, some ratios allow when needed the static irreversibility and can be equipped with a declutching system in order to allow the manual operation of the device when feeding is missing. The output shaft is supported on double sealed ball bearings allowing to support a high radial load and avoiding the leak of lubricant. All the gearunit of this serie are supplied lifetime lubricated by means of special long life grease, and don’t require any further lubrication or servicing.

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