AUTOMEC planetary gearmotors type EP35 – EP45 – EP65 – EP70 – EP7090 are designed for all those applications where a high torque, high efficiency and small size gearmotor is required. Those gearmotors offer together with a compact size, the possibility of torque transmission up to 120 Nm with a wide range of reduction ratios up to 1:21.600, driving with no probiem all the possible temporary overload generated from the load applied into particular hard working operations. Furthermore, AUTOMEC planetary gearunit offer a very high efficiency (90% per stage), allowing to obtain extremely favourable output torque/electrical power ratio if compared with other types of gearunit. They allow to reduce the electrical power needed, giving the possibility to save a large amount of energy, while offering the same characteristics of larger and more powerful gearmotors. As per their particular design, all the planetary gearunits are always statically reversible regardless of the used ratio.

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