Again this year, with great satisfaction, Automec passes the renewal of the ISO9001:15 certification! Since the issue of the last certification, we have tried to optimise the shortcomings highlighted by the certifying body Oniacertlab by making the required improvements. Specifically, we have improved the traceability of the production cycle and thanks to the use of the newly acquired machinery, the automatic lathe 4.0, we have been able to integrate all the information collected into a single information dashboard that can be managed remotely. Thanks to the dedicated management system, it is in fact possible to record the processes carried out and quantify the time and costs for each of them. We can say that the efforts made during 2022 bore fruit. In fact, there were no reports this year! For us, ISO9001:15 has now become a philosophy applied to the way we work. It never ends and is not limited to passing certification.


The fact that we have obtained certification for 2022-2023 does not mean that we can let our guard down, on the contrary. It is an incentive to implement continuous improvement. In order to maintain a high level of quality in our work, we must maintain firm controls of key processes and pay all the necessary attention to ensure that they are respected. We are also aware that this is not enough. If we want to improve, and this is what we are aiming for, we need to implement new procedures where necessary in order to be able to offer our customers greater efficiency. This translates into optimising the time and production methods offered. Our geared motors are, in fact, made almost entirely in-house with the possibility of customising certain parts according to customer requirements. For example, it is possible to customise the shaft of gearmotors, gearboxes and worm screws, the winding of motors and other specific parts.


In this difficult year, marked by many critical issues, we are pleased to have recorded, at least so far, an increase in turnover. We say this without boasting, but only as a positive sign in such a difficult historical moment. Of course it is not all doom and gloom. First and foremost, there is the strong impact of raw material costs, which have risen dramatically in recent months. In addition, we are facing an autumn marked by forecasts of economic recession. We try to move forward without too much alarmism, but always in the knowledge that we must prepare ourselves for scenarios that are not yet foreseeable.

Our small achievement leaves us with a positive signal and encourages us to keep going, always doing our best to be able to offer our customers quality products quickly and efficiently!