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We are pleased to have welcomed interns Alberto and Riccardo to our staff.

Continues the multi-year collaboration between Automec and the Salesian Institute Don Bosco of Milan Cnos Fap Lombardia, as part of the plan of Education and Vocational Training: https://www.salesianimilano.it/ifp/

Starting from mid-April we had the pleasure to host for a month Alberto Angelelli and Riccardo Cipolla two interns enrolled in the second year of Mechanics at the professional school Salesiani Don Bosco in Milan, Cnos Fap Lombardia. This is one of the 3 courses offered by the school and allows students to obtain the three-year VET qualification of Mechanical Operator: https://www.salesianimilano.it/ifp/settore-meccanico/


Riccardo is 15 years old, although he asked us to specify that he will be 16 in June, he seemed to find himself immediately at ease in the new context. In fact, as he told us: “I chose Mechanics because I like manual work”. He has been immediately satisfied, since the first day of internship, together with his partner Alberto, they have entered in the heart of the work alongside our workshop manager in the various processes for the production of our gearmotors, reducers and worm screws.

In particular, they learned how to use machinery such as the lathe, milling machine, hobbing machine, drill press and others present in the workshop. In addition to this they of course did all the routine work that came up each day, from helping with assembly, cleaning gear motors, storing parts and other daily tasks.


Alberto, also 15 years old, was mainly assigned to the new CNC 4.0 Overmach lathe recently purchased. Working side by side with the production staff, he had the opportunity to learn the use of this machine that uses the most modern integrated production technologies. Also Riccardo had the opportunity to learn its operation even if he was then mainly dedicated to the other production area where there are other machines.

The importance of youth training

For our part, we can say we are very happy and satisfied to be able to host these young people who are almost always willing to learn and ready to get involved in realities completely different from the school context. In addition to this, they have been helpful in our activity that, thank God, has not yet had a moment of stalemate since the beginning of the Covi-19 pandemic, indeed it has often led us to peaks of work for the joy of our interns who certainly do not get bored!

We would like to thank the professors of the Salesian Institute and all the staff involved in the management of these internships for this important opportunity, wishing that our collaboration could continue in the future. It’s nice to be able to teach a job to young people, to make them learn as much as possible both on a working level and on a human level and to share with colleagues. We also believe that it is very educational to be confronted with the daily problems, the unexpected, the difficulties and also the satisfactions of the working world.


In Automec we believe that being able to carry out work experiences are part of personal growth and extracurricular training useful in life. This is what Riccardo also found, leaving us his beautiful testimony:

Two words from the pen of Riccardo….

“This internship experience made me realize a few things. Example: ‘that work is not a game’. I enjoyed working on machine tools, CNC, drills and I also enjoyed it because I was welcomed, I always worked with my mentor who always helped me when I needed it. All the people who work in the company are helpful and kind.

Now that I have come to the end of the internship I can say that it has been one of the most interesting and rewarding experiences of my life. Working in the field rather than in the laboratory is very different and more challenging, having to work on the raw material that will be delivered to the customer. At this company I met polite people, respectful of my person and always willing to help me when I found myself in difficulty. Working in a company also made me understand what it means to respect roles and hierarchies. I had an extremely positive experience.”

Two words from the pen of Alberto…

“This internship work experience taught me responsibility, reliability, and seriousness in work: it is important to arrive on time, listen well to directions, and put a lot of effort. My mentor and the people who worked with me were always kind and helpful from day one and for that I thank them very much.”