Automec is ready for export to Russia with Famaga GROUP OHG.

Automec's Famaga partnership

Also this year is confirmed the partnership between Automec and FAMAGA GROUP PHG ( , one of the largest distributors of industrial equipment and spare parts from Europe all over the world. In particular, the agreement between Automec and Famaga Group OHG concerns the distribution of our gearmotors in the Russian market. Famaga takes care of the whole process, from finding the customer to sending the proposal and direct shipment of the product.

Exporting within the Russian Federation is not easy and requires specific skills. It is ideal to have staff on site or good intermediaries. In fact, it is necessary to take into account customs issues and be familiar with export regulations in order to avoid sanctions or blocking goods. Gearmotors are among the products that can be exported. We have agreed to export 3 models of our geared motors: the EP35, EP45 and EP65 series, each with up to 3 reduction planes.

Specifically, these are the models:

ULTRA-COMPACT DC planetary gearmotors model EP35: (

EP35R3,66 – EP35R5 – EP35513,3 – EP35R18 – EP35R25 – EP35 R49,28 EP35R67 – EP35592 – EP35R125

Motoriduttori epicicloidale ULTRA-ADATTABILI in corrente continua modello EP45:


EP45R4 – EP45R6 – EP45R16 – EP45R24– EP45R36

Moto epicicloidale MONOBLOCCO in corrente continua modello EP65:


EP65R4 – EP65R6 – EP65R16 – EP65R24 – EP65R36 – EP65R64 – EP65R96 – EP65R144 – EP65R216

The 2014 embargo on several products penalised Italian agri-food exports to Russia to the tune of several hundred million euros. Nevertheless, Italy remains one of the most important exporters of certain goods, including coffee. In terms of investment in the territory, however, it is lagging far behind countries such as France and Germany.

At the same time, as a consequence of the embargo, the demand for equipment and machinery for the local production of food products has increased. For example, electric ovens for bakery products, machines and appliances for baking, machines for the milk industry and packaging machines. Italy has recently become one of the main trading partners of the Russian market for food and packaging machinery. In this context, Automec’s production of gearmotors, reducers and worm screws could have an interesting outlet to cover the needs of a growing domestic market, that of Russia.